We protect the land you love.

Photo by Frank Marsden

Land is our common ground.

Harford Land Trust helps shape where and how our county develops, by protecting our important natural systems and ensuring our most productive landscapes remain intact.

Open space to explore, clean water in our streams and rivers, productive farmland and reliable food access, essential habitat for plants and animals – land preservation in Harford County makes a difference for all members of our community.

Since our founding in 1991, supporters like you ensure that the land that provides so much to us all is preserved and protected forever.

People make the difference.

Every conservation story starts the same way – it begins with a landowner, an individual or family, who chooses to protect their land, forever.

Bottiglieri Family

The Bottiglieri Family

“One of our favorite things about the property is the future that is held for us at Mill Green Mill. Our hope is that we are here to steward the land for decades and leave it better than we found it,” said Ian Bottiglieri.

The Pitts Family

“Everyone in my family, all of my six offspring, are just so delighted that their heritage will result in this beautiful piece of property being protected for perpetuity,” said Edward Pitts.

The Gruver Family

“I had never thought about leaving a legacy. But it is a concept people need to think about. A legacy does not mean money. It’s a legacy of values that we pass on to our children and on to the land,” noted Barbara Gruver.

Land preservation benefits us today, and tomorrow.

Land preservation is an investment, not an expense. Protecting natural resources always pays us back.

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Local Economy

Preserving our natural and working lands supports a vibrant and sustainable local economy. From protected local farms to reduced cost of government services, preserved land plays a key role in Harford County’s economic future.

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Natural Environment

Land preservation protects and restores our natural assets – water, habitat, and air. Natural areas need help to become—and remain—places where people, plants, and wildlife can thrive. 

Quality of Life

When we spend time in nature, we are happier and healthier. Access to natural spaces helps create a meaningful sense of place. Proximity to parkland, scenic landscapes, and local food attract and keep people in Harford County.

Nature is open. Everyone is welcome.

Harford Land Trust has preserved many of the county’s most treasured public parks as well as hidden gems.

Stoney Demonstration Forest

In late December 2020, 905 acres of hardwood forest were permanently protected and added to Maryland’s Stoney Demonstration Forest in southern Harford County.
kilgore falls rocks state park

Kilgore Falls

Answering the call of the falls, Harford Land Trust joined the community effort to protect Kilgore Falls.
eden mill harford county maryland

Eden Mill Nature Center

Harford County, the State of Maryland, and the Harford Land Trust purchased a 44-acre parcel adjoining Eden Mill Nature Center in Pylesville, Maryland in 2008.

“This is the organization that will give a gift back to the citizens of Harford County for future generations. Our lands and natural resources are the gifts we have inherited.”

Harry Webster Jr.
Former HLT President

Photo by Harford Land Trust

Our Work Depends on You

Harford Land Trust can save more land in Harford County, Maryland, because of generous people like you.

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