The Schueler Property

In 2000, Betty Schueler donated a 2-acre property to the HLT.

Forest Greens Lake Preserve Buffered

On July 10, 2000, Betty Jane Schueler of Aberdeen, donated a house and 2.03 acres at 2100 Perryman Road to the Harford Land Trust. The property is adjacent to the 103-acre Forest Greens Lake Preserve, which was HLT’s first purchase and now is owned and managed by the H.C. Department of Parks & Recreation.

The property contained a dilapidated structure, once the clubhouse for a golf course. Over time, there were other owners and tennants, but ultimately the property fell into disrepair. When Betty Schueler acquired it in 1998 as an inheritance, she wanted to be rid of it while benefiting the public, and Kay Deitz of Kay Deitz Real Estate, Inc. suggested that she offer it to the Trust as a charitable donation.

The trust obtained a Phase One Environmental Assessment to make sure there were no hazardous materials present on the property, and then accepted Mrs. Schueler's gift, with the understanding that the Trust would liquidate the property and use the income for the purchase of conservation lands. Daniele M. Creager of Hodes Ulman Pessin & Katz., P. A., prepared the deed, and her firm donated a generous discount of their professional fee to the Trust.

Bob Rajewski, a volunteer for the trust, handled most of the Trust's work, including the details of pre-acquisition planning, settlement, and disposal of the property; appraisal of its resale value, environmental assessment, solicitation and review of demolition proposals, and securing a demolition permit from Harford County. On August 25, 2000, the sole structure was demolished.

In 2004, the HLT Board of Directors resolved to sell the property, along with other lands that had been donated without any conservation restrictions, and to use the proceeds to preserve other lands. The Trust had been interested in having Harford County acquire the property to combine with the Forest Greens Lake Preserve, but ultimately sold the property to Ashley Inc. in July 2004 for $120,000. In 2009, Ashley Inc. sold the property to Harford County, and it is now managed by Public Works.