New Member Challenge

Coming in January 2009
For 17 years, our members have been the backbone of the Harford Land Trust. Never exceeding one staff person, we rely on volunteers to plan and implement long-term land conservation strategies, manage the lands we own, monitor the properties on which we hold easements, fund our operations, donate equipment, and to finance land projects. We applaud you for your outstanding success and support.

As our land conservation activities increase, so must our membership. Everyone is very aware of challenges many will face over the next year or so with our economic downturn. Many may have to put aside their wish to write a check when we appeal to you for financial support for a project. We anticipate that some of you will be renewing your memberships at a lower level than you would prefer. We understand this, but know that you want to help us remain unstoppable champions for the land. This is how - - Every Member Get a Member.

In January, everyone will receive an Every Member Get a Member packet which will include brochures, highlights of our land conservation projects, a map and list of properties for prospective members to hike, fish, canoe, bird and enjoy nature. We’ll have special incentives for youth and seniors, discounted membership renewals for getting a new member, and lots of free activities you can enjoy and offer to others.

Let’s all make 2009 the year we soar our organization’s membership, meet the challenge, and beat the odds against growth in tough times. We can do it!

Peg Niland