Conowingo Eagles Day

On November 4, over 1,100 visitors gathered along the Harford County shore of the Susquehanna River for the 5th annual Conowingo Eagle Day held by Exelon Power Generation, owners of the dam. Visitors had an opportunity to learn about wildlife photography, bald eagles and birding around Conowingo Dam. There is a tremendous population of bald eagles who call the area around the Conowingo Dam home. They soared over the river below the dam and then skimmed over the water to snag a fish in their talons.

Dennis and LeeWhile bird watchers and photographers lined the shore, organizations that focus on birding, animal rescue and habitat protection, and land and water conservation lined the Fisherman’s Park with booths to inform and entertain the public.

HLT’s booth, manned by volunteers Dennis Kirkwood, Lee Crush, and Peg Niland, talked to visitors about how the land trust helps preserve land and habitat for the birds they saw that day as well as other wildlife throughout the county.

“It is always so enjoyable to get together with other like-minded organizations like those here today,” said Peg Niland. “We learn from each other and reach out to the public for support at the same time.”